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Expanding Horizons

We firmly believe that no company should be limited to the available resources in its own territory, we have seen how a company can benefit from diversity and enrich its operations.

GLC Legal is a regional expert in Immigration Law procedures, we offer our clients a clear and transparent understanding of the available options for them to be able to employ foreign labor.

Our international operation allows us to have a wider view of the comparison of Latin American Immigration Laws so that we can properly advise our clients to develop the correct recruitment strategy for their desirable talent.

Getting a Residency or Visa

We feel comfortable in an arena in which other law firms stumble as we are firm believers in seriousness, transparency, and order; and those 3 values are vital in any Residency or Visa Immigration Procedure.

When you retain our Immigration Law services, we will very clearly lay out what to expect, including duration, total costs, and minimum estimated duration. We will also give you an assessment based on our many years of experience so that you can make an informed decision.

Latin America offers a wide range of options to hire foreign personnel; however, it is key to work with an experienced Immigration Law Firm like GLC Legal and its specialized attorneys.

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Some of our Main Immigration Law Services

in Latin America Are:

  • Residencies for Company Executives
  • Work Permits
  • Work Visas
  • Company Recognition at Immigration
  • Immigration Law Assessment

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