Colombia Nearshoring

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Analysis of Opportunities in Colombia

Macroeconomic strengths, fiscal policies, stability, legal security and investment guarantees have allowed the country to stand out among other economies in the region as a strategic location.

Friendshoring: The entrepreneurial character of the country is proven by tax exemptions and incentives for companies capable of creating formal employment sustainably.

Advantages as Investment Center

Colombia Nearshoring Advantages

Production Sectors of Interest

Information Technology:

Audiovisual, Shared Services Center (CSC), BPO Services Outsourcing, Software and IT Services.

Agribusiness and food production:

Processed foods, cocoa, derivatives, palm industry.


Aeronautics, automotive, cosmetics and personal care, fashion, construction.


Transportation, social and health infrastructure, energy transmission networks and telecommunications.

Health services and life sciences:

Medical and cosmetic cannabis, pharmaceutical services, health services and clinical studies.

Final Questions

1. Do you agree with the information presented here?

2. Does your firm provide legal services compatible with the sectors of interest mentioned? What are those services?

3. Based on your experience, what are the main obstacles in your country when it comes to investing?

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