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The Agreement Between Mexico, The United States, and Canada (T-Mec)

Automakers must now certify that 75% of their steel and aluminum comes from any of the 3 countries. In addition, there is a Labor Value Content (LVC) requirement, which stipulates that a certain percentage of a finished vehicle is manufactured by workers earning a minimum of $16 per hour.


Advantages as Investment Center

mexico nearshoring advantages

Production Sectors of Interest

Automotive industry:

Strategic sector due to its participation in exports, production, employment generation and attraction of FDI. The 7th largest auto parts producer in the world.


One of the most dynamic sectors in the world. The 5th largest exporter of computers worldwide and the second-largest exporter of electronic products in Latin America.


Crucial sector in production chains. The main subsectors are pharmaceuticals, resins, synthetic rubber and chemical fibers.

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