Guatemala Nearshoring

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Analysis of Opportunities in Guatemala

Largest economy in Central America. The country stands out for its good macroeconomic management, with stable and controlled inflation levels (close to 4%), a high level of monetary reserves, sustained economic growth levels of approximately 3% each year.

Advantages as Investment Center

guatemala nearshoring advantages

Production Sectors of Interest


This sector is growing at an accelerated rate annually and with Guatemala being a leader in outsourcing services, it generates significant growth in the country’s economy.


Manufacturing and construction make up one fifth of the GDP. Food production, vehicle assembly, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, textiles.

The national economy is promoted by modernizing infrastructures in areas such as transportation and telecommunications. Therefore, within the interests of nearshoring in Guatemala, there is a demand for machinery businesses such as capital goods.

Final Questions

1. Do you agree with the information presented here?

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3. Based on your experience, what are the main obstacles in your country when it comes to investing?

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