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The Beginning

GLC Legal has its roots in San José, Costa Rica. In 1999, the company Grupo Latinoamericano Comercial S.A. was formed by recently graduated Mr. Augusto Arce in response to what he believed was needed to satisfy the new wave of foreign investors flooding Costa Rica.

Since then, GLC has experienced an organic evolution starting with no clients and driven more by a business vision in comparison to other more traditional law firms.

GLC developed a unique style and personality, centered from the beginning in the client and not in the lawyer.

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Different Law Firm

Contrary to existing law firms in most countries of America where an attorney will monopolize ALL the legal services of a specific client, the “GLC Formula” instead uses several specialized attorneys that work as a team to better serve the needs of its clients.

As our clients have always been international, we always understood that it’s necessary to expand our reach to neighboring and key countries in Latin American in order to properly protect our client’s interests.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, we developed strong relationships with local experts that became our Partners in selected countries of Latin America.

Seamless Legal Experience

We are proud to currently offer our regional clients a seamless legal experience in various keys countries in Latin America, directing all their legal needs from our hub in San José, Costa Rica.

GLC Legal offers custom-designed legal services typical of a boutique law firm with the mentality of an international law firm so that our clients can focus on their core strengths.

We currently serve international clients of diverse industries such as: technology, hardware/software, Human Resources, outsourcing, contact centers and many others. With our formula, clients do not have to deal with different styles and different lawyers, as they direct their legal needs to a single point of contact that then makes sure that the legal services are all coordinated with unity.

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