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Latin America offers unique opportunities for Real Estate investors, and GLC Legal, with its expert real estate lawyers, handles all the necessary Due Diligence and Assessment necessary to succeed in such industry.

Investment Opportunity

Real Estate continues to be one of the preferred investment options for international clients, in that sense Latin America offers a unique combination of high yield to your investment and legal safety if the acquisition process is handled correctly.

GLC Legal offers real estate law advice in countries such as Mexico and all Central America for regional and international clients looking for opportunities to expand and diversify their portfolio.

There are many different types of real estate investments that can be made in Latin America: from a second home in an exotic location to the development of a business park in a key regional location. With our attorneys’ expert guidance, you can control your property efficiently and safely.

Latin American Real Estate Law Experts:

The seasoned regional partners of GLC Legal offer the necessary seniority to properly advise international clients in relation to design a custom-made process to make a real estate investment in Latin America.

Our legal team is made of the best talent in the region and understands the importance of transparency and security in real estate transactions that involve a foreign investor. We see real estate investment and development as a crucial to the advancement and growth of our countries. So, when you work with our real estate attorneys, you are working with not only an attorney but more of a partner who will do what is necessary for your acquisition to be professionally handled.

As we are an international law firm, we understand how real estate practices vary from country to country, so we will make sure that the process is previously explained to our clients.

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What We Do for Our Clients in Real Estate:

As in any real estate purchase, it is necessary to properly assess the exact situation of the property prior to any investment, it is also critical to make sure that the local formalities are strictly followed.


Some of our main tasks are:

  • Conduct a Title Search on the property
  • Obtain a Zoning Permit on the property
  • Design a Method to receive the purchase funds
  • Design the correct Legal Structure to purchase the property
  • Segregation and Subdivision of Properties
  • Drafting and Registration of Condominiums
  • Preparation and Drafting of Public Deed

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