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Keeping Up-To-Date

In order for any company to create the best possible working environment, it’s necessary for its Human Resources Department to be supported by specialized labor law attorneys in America Latina.

The current global and local scenario requires that the labor law lawyer is in constant contact with the ever-changing Latin labor laws and regulations. In GLC Legal, we have “across the board” expertise that we apply to each contract and regulation that we use to protect the interests of our clients while they focus on creating a motivating working environment for their collaborators.

Local Labor Law Experts

There are many similarities in Labor Laws in Latin America; however, it’s in their country-specific particularities where we center our practice so that our clients can continue to function without complications and in adherence to local laws, but applying creative solutions that arise only when you expand your view to the region.

GLC Legal is ideal for companies that operate in more than one country in Latin America and beyond, as from our HQ in San José, Costa Rica, we direct the implementation and resolution of international labor law policies for them, which provides an edge in comparison to other companies that use different law firms with diverse working styles and with lack of coherence.

Latin America is very diverse and offers unique opportunities available only in developing countries; however, in order to obtain full retribution, it is vital to use the advisory services of local experts with a wider view and understanding.

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Some of our Main Labor Law Services in Latin America Are:

  • Drafting and Implementation of Work Agreements
  • Preparation of Internal Work Policies
  • Disciplinary Measures Implementation
  • Permanent Support in Labor Law Advisory for HR Departments
  • Labor Law Audit
  • Labor Law Induction

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